Dar3D Printing Technology.

Any Image.

In 3D. And Full Color.

An innovative technology that makes graphic products with three-dimensional surfaces in full color and outstanding features.

This is Dar3D.

Starting from 2D images, or artworks in any medium and on any support, Dar3D designs and creates full color reliefs in complex shapes.

The quality and resolution are exceptional and give the graphic product an incredible beauty.

Touching never felt so good.

The results of Dar3D Technology are colorful, textural graphic products to admire and touch. Not only does the way the image looks change, there is also the added dimension of touch. Sliding your fingers over and along the reliefs conveys intense, unique emotions.

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“Sensations arise where perceptions change” André Gide


   A new way of thinking. Totally different.

The only limits are your imagination. With Dar3D technology, boundless creative possibilities are made available, setting new standards of quality and aesthetics.